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Automatically connect to a Wifi with Arch ARM

Samuel Forestier — 19 November 2016
Netctl has a feature called wifi-menu that we'll use, but this program depends on another one not installed by default: dialog.
# pacman -S dialog
Once it's done, run:
# wifi-menu -o wlan0
Of course, change wlan0 by the name of the interface set up on your system.
The command allows wifi-menu to build a network profile for your Wifi, and will hash the pass-phrase with the option -o.
Answers the questions asked by the big blue screen, and if everything is good, you should take back your prompt.

Now run:
# netctl enable PROFILENAME
Here PROFILENAME is built by default as 'interface-name'-'wifi-ssid'.
I let you make the changes, and press 'Enter'.

Now you can reboot as many times as you want, your Pi is supposed to connect itself at startup, to the Wifi.

Actually it's not entirely finished, 'cause the official documentation advises us to change the permissions on profiles containing secrets :
# chmod 0600 /etc/netctl/PROFILENAME